Clubhouse: The Exclusive Social Media App



Clubhouse: The Exclusive Social Media App Taking The Internet By Storm

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So.. What Is It Anyway? Clubhouse is an invite-only drop-in audio chat platform created by

Users can create and moderate their own chat rooms or drop-in to open chat rooms hosted by other users or groups (called ‘clubs’). The chat rooms that appear on your main feed are based on who you follow, groups you’ve joined, and the hobbies and/or interests that you’ve selected during account set-up.

You start out with one invite that you can extend to someone else once you’re in, after a while you will acquire more. As of right now, Clubhouse is available to iPhone users only, however, the creators of the app are observing and fine-tuning the kinks in the hopes of expanding their audience.

Why All The Hype? & Why Should I Join?

Clubhouse gained most of its traction when celebrities began using the platform as a way to interact with fans and other A-listers in discussions of various topics from dating to social issues to movie and music industry gossip. Ashton Kutcher, Chris Rock, Drake, Oprah, Tiffany Haddish, The Game, and Kevin Hart are just a few of the many household names that are active on this platform. Many top social media influencers from other platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, and YouTube, are using Clubhouse as a means to safely interact with their audience and share their own advice about being a successful internet personality. Do the names Jay Versace, Khadi Don, quen blackwell, Justin Combs, Lala Milan, Khleo Thomas, or @JustinLABoy (#Respectfully) ring a bell? Aside from being able to interact with your favorite celebrities and influencers, there are talks of there being a monetary benefit as well! Last month, Clubhouse launched their own influencer program with a chat room that can only accommodate a little over 40 of the top moderators or creators on the platform, the program includes a private group called “Everything In Moderation” and an additional Whatsapp group contact where members can interact with some of the company’s leadership. Marketers and consultants within the group are still hashing out the details when it comes to how creators will be able to monetize their content on the app. You might not make it behind those velvet ropes overnight, but with some time and consistency, you could become an influential moderator who just might catch the eye of those “sitting in the balcony”.

Interested in making money on Clubhouse?

You’re in luck. A few well-established users have come together and compiled a list of ways you could personally monetize your interactions with your group. A few examples would be: creating sponsored rooms, forming brand partnerships, getting hired to take notes for groups, and offering club memberships. 

Follow the “Black Girl Ventures” club to drop in on these discussions and check out this link for the full list of ideas: https://www.iamshellybell.com/post/how-to-monetize-clubhouse.

Besides the celebrity buzz and lucrative opportunities, the one thing that separates Clubhouse from the rest is… *drumroll please*… its exclusivity!

Admit it; everyone likes to feel important and like they’re part of something special. Clubhouse is not the only drop-in audio platform on the app stores. Apps like Soapbox, Chalk, and Space perform somewhat similar functions, but one thing the Clubhouse creators have capitalized on (besides their user-friendly interface and immense popularity) is their exclusivity. From their invite-only onboarding to their macOS restrictions, with people raving about the juiciest discussions on Instagram, Twitter, etc.… it’s hard not to feel a bit left out and try your luck at joining the Clubhouse yourself. ; ) But don’t worry, you’re in luck! Having trouble getting an invite?

Be sure to click the link below for a special offer on Clubhouse invites at an affordable price!

: ) Thank us later! And Happy Clubbing!


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~All references were written between 2020 and 2021~

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