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Frequently Asked Questions

Yep, no “starting at” rates here. The project price you see is the project price you’ll pay 

 Why go through the trouble of offering flat rates? Because we want to help you win this biz game.

Your experienced Word Stylist can write your 30-second elevator pitch, social media posts, product/service descriptions, sales emails, freebie offer landing pages, speaker/author/influencer bio, website copy and Facebook ads.

You’ll complete a Creative Brief to tell us about your superpowers, target audience and project details. Then you go back to grocery shopping, revenue-generating activities or whatever else you want to do. We’ll contact you if we have questions. But our services do NOT include or require calls to discuss your project(s).

From there, we start your sentence-slinging process and deliver the copy within 7 business days (or faster if you upgraded to a faster delivery option) AFTER processing your Creative Brief, which requires 1 full business day.

Your Word Stylist has fast fingaz. Your order will be completed 7 business days after we process your Creative Brief.

Orders are processed as they’re received and go into our stylist queue by the next business day AFTER we receive your completed Creative Brief.

Your delivery countdown starts the first full business day after we receive your completed Creative Brief.

Note that orders received on weekends and office-observed holidays will be processed the following first full business day.

Because you give us answers to questions regarding your needs and requirements, your copy will be written to your specifications. We do not provide rewrites if you change your mind or simply don’t like the flava of the copy. We DO rewrite copy where we have misunderstood the guidance provided in your creative brief. If this happens, we’re happy to offer one rewrite at no charge. 

We leave small changes like cannot vs. can’t up to your own preference as we know you can make these yourself. Tying up our Word Stylistz to tackle simple modifications like that will only drive up our insanely low rates. And remember, Word Stylistz is all about giving you smokin’ hot, money-making words that won’t break the bank.

Now, at times, we do miss the mark. When that happens, please send your rewrite request to us at words@wordstylistz.com within 3 business days of receiving your original content.

We will likely ask questions about the reason for your rewrite request and you’ll need to respond within 2 business days.

Note that failure to submit your revision request and respond to all questions will void your opportunity to receive a rewrite.

We do offer a Shot Caller delivery option for situations such as this. Now, you pay a premium for this because it moves you to the front of the queue.

No catch at all. Word Stylistz was created because our fearless leader, Apryl Beverly, grew tired of seeing the “gurus” win just because they have a great message while the talented, passionate and ambitious go-getters lose as a result of poor messaging.

Word Stylistz is her way of leveling the playing field so we can all get back to a place where talent, passion and ambition matters. You see, when you’re armed with million-dollar words, there’s no limit to the success you can achieve.

Sales pages are complex documents and because of that, it’s impossible to offer them at a flat-rate price. However, you can complete this questionnaire and someone from the BAAB Writing and Marketing Services team will contact you with more details. Sale page writing starts at $3,500 and can require 4 to 6 weeks to complete.

We are currently booked for this work through February 2021.

Globe with text of all around skills acquired by a home care marketer, Effective home care marketing strategies will increase client referrals and inquiries for care

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We help you increase client referrals and inquiries for your services by developing effective marketing strategies. With our experience, we will make sure to create a plan that fits your needs and budget. We offer a variety of services, including web design and development, SEO, PPC advertising, social media management, and more.