Branding and Marketing Clarity Call

Streamline your business! Gain a better understanding of your brand and marketing strategy

in just 60 minutes.

Growth concept

Your business growth is determined by the actions you take today.
This 1:1 session is designed to spark action and put you and your brand on the right course to growing online.

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Let's dive deep on 1:1 call for 60 min

We'll figure out what the real problem is that is holding you back

Receive a tailored action plan

We'll develop a custom solution to stop that problem and move your brand forward

What you'll walk away with...

Step by step action plan

With a step-by-step strategy, we uncover the stumbling blocks that are hindering the growth of your brand.

Zoom recording

There will be a Zoom recording available after the call so you can go over the discussion points later.

Increased clarity and focus

The obstacles you have been facing in achieving your brand goals will become apparent immediately and you will have clarity on how to overcome them.

Tailored advice for your brand

A unique perspective will be provided, as well as advice tailored to you, your brand, and business objectives.

FREE 7-day support in DMs and email

My exclusive support will be provided to you through Instagram DMs or email, and you may ask any follow-up questions, provided it is within the scope of our clarity call discussion.

With clarity, comes an action plan that leads to brand growth

Think about it like this, imagine being trapped in a dark room for years, then one day, waking up to the sun for the first time. That’s exactly how it feels after your clarity call.

But Ray, is it worth it?

Great question! But, let me ask you one thing first…

How much is bad or no strategy, no focus, no engagement, waste of time and effort costing you?

I bet it’s a lot. Perhaps enough that you are now tired of being stuck.

But hey, no judgment! ROI is subjective. What I can assure you is that I have been there, done that. 

Just like you, I was running in the same circle of disappointment, until one day, I decided to take action and invest in myself. That’s when things started to change for me.

Remember, the best time to take action was maybe a year ago. The second best time is now!

Brand Igniter has in-depth levels of brand transformation where clients receive weeks (sometimes months) of live strategy sessions with me alongside many other services depending on the tier they choose whereas, clarity call is the first touchpoint where you and I work together for 60 mins to understand your business, fix the underlying problem and create an actionable plan for you. The clarity call can definitely lead to Brand Igniter services.


Yes, you can work with me on a deeper level through my Brand Igniter program. Click here to explore it.


Clarity calls are only refundable if we decide to work together on any Brand Igniter level. To know more about Brand Igniter levels, click here.

The spots are limited to 4 per month

Each month, I only work with a handful of entrepreneurs who are ready to bring change and gain clarity for their brand success.

The spots get filled sooner than you realize. So book it right now and hold your spot of transformation.